Home comforts, Chinese-style

I arrived back in the UK feeling rather jaded, having slept a maximum of 3 hours on the plane, and probably not helped by the Sam Adams I consumed beforehand. It was great to be back with Fi and the girls but, come the evening, I was seriously craving comfort food.

We’ve only had Chinese takeaways from one place for what seems like forever. It’s not an authentic China-town experience, but then that’s not what I look for when I’m eating Chinese at home. I want comfort food, Chinese-style and that’s precisely what The Summer Palace (http://www.thesummerpalace.co.uk/) give you.

Their spring rolls, aside from being as big as my arm, are absolutely amazing. I’m sure they can’t come from the local cash-and-carry since their ingredients taste really fresh. Chicken in chilli oyster sauce, with Indonesian rice, is fantastic too. Salt and chilli ribs have loads of real, fresh chilli and garlic and you find yourself going back, just for one more. Sure, there’s more than a hint of MSG going on in there but frankly, I don’t care when I order from the Summer Palace. What’s also nice about TSP is, as well as being great at cooking food from their home country (China) they also excel at food from the region : Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand all feature on their menu. It’s like Far Flung Floyd in a takeaway.

Postscript: when I was on the phone to them last night, they told me I can place my order online now. My challenge in this blog now is to find a restaurant that doesn’t have a website. A tough call I reckon, and a real sign of the times.


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