Duck Thai Curry. Would you like tamarind with that, Sir ?

There are some staple food classics that get cooked often at Chez Jourdain. I’m sure over the course of the next few weeks and months, they’ll all appear on this blog (many thanks to Delia and Mr Ramsey). One of my mid-week faves is duck Thai curry with jasmine rice. Absolute pure food heaven, and all credits going to Delia on this one.

Now, normally cooking a Delia doesn’t present too much of a challenge. She really is the cook for the people – after all, she did manage to make good telly out of an egg-boiling demonstration. But for some reason, she went a little off-track on this one. Basic ingredients for this dish are probably fairly obvious : thai curry paste (homemade or shop bought – actually doesn’t really matter), coconut milk, duck (obviously), french beans. Oh, and for some reason Delia like putting extra tamarind in hers. Lots and lots of tamarind. If you’ve never cooked with tamarind paste, it’s a bit like savoury treacle – a blend of sweet and sour – and very, very sticky.

My wife is an excellent cook and excels at putting together mid-week masterpieces. I’m actually proud of the fact that in 10 years of marriage we have never cooked a ready meal. So, true to form, she followed the recipe as planned. All I can describe the output as is a sort of “duck in tamarind gravy”, in both look and appearance. Oops. Was edible but it was a bit overpowering, and not much in the way of Thai flavours going on. I think teaspoons somehow got mixed up with tablespoons. Easy mistake, and glad it was tamarind, not chilli powder.

I’d call Delia to let her know her recipe’s a bit broken but I think she’s out at Sainsbury’s flogging omelette pans.


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