Parallel Lives

I’m often asked if / when I’m going to invest in / own / run a restaurant given my passion for food and cooking. I guess my stock (‘scuse the pun) response to that is that a) they’re incredibly low margin, and b) a LOT of hard work with very, very long hours. At the back of my mind though I do have a view on what I think I’d like my restaurant to be like, if I do end up owning one at some point.

I was looking for somewhere for Fi and I to go out to at the end of the month and I’m often told that the best restaurant nearby is Drakes ( in Ripley, Surrey. I’ve never eaten there but, having read about the place, then THIS is the sort of restaurant I really like. Steve Drake sounds like a top bloke.

Anyway, hope there’s more on this topic a month from now.


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