Friday Food Friends

I have to admit that we don’t often go out on Fridays nights. I guess that comes down to the fact I write about Friday Food in the first place – the end of the week is all about chilling out, relaxing after a hard week with serious comfort food. But an exception to this will always be an invitation to enjoy Friday Food that someone else has cooked !

Last night we found ourselves round at our neighbours for that great British Friday classic, curry night. I am an absolute sucker for a good curry and have had my fair share over the years, including ones in India. That doesn’t necessarily make me overly critical but I do tend to shy away from the formulaic restaurants that dish up Lamb Bhuna and Chicken Tikka Masala. We have, for example, an outstanding Nepalese curry house in Weybridge which beats your bog-standard offerings hands down. It was, therefore, an absolute delight to have on offer a rarity in British curry cooking, the fish curry. I think fish in a curry is much underrated and actually offsets some of the more delicate spices perfectly, when done well. And last night’s fish curry was done well, very well. Great combination of flavours, not overpowering chilli and set perfectly against a chicken curry which was also excellent. No formulaic cooking going on in this house I can tell you. Oh, and the Gordon Ramsey cheesecake for pudding is something I shall be stealing for myself in due course too. Absolutely beautiful.

But it wasn’t the food alone that made last night’s evening the great evening it turned out to be. It was also that other vital ingredient in enjoying food – great company. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or, like last night, six like-minded individuals thoroughly enjoying some excellent food, with wine and conversation flowing in equal quantities, who you dine with has just as much bearing on a great meal as the food itself. I guess it goes back to the dawn of time, the idea of people sharing food together. And last night really was one of those great examples when it works to perfection – great food, great company, great conversation, all very relaxed. Sure, I like the theatre of fine dining but, you know what ? This is a perfect way to end the week – Friday Food with Friends.


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  1. Our mates Sam and Amanda used to come over for Torchwood Tuesdays (a sci-fi watching, good-food-and-wine-sharing night) until they had their little baby Connor a few weeks ago.

    Sam’s fish curry was one of the memorable dishes he often turned up with. Rich, spicy, complex, divine. I cook it myself but without the capsicum, which my gut is not partial to. Fish or good fresh prawns work equally well. It is the sweet potato and semi-dried tomatoes that give it an interesting edge.

    Like you say, good food and good company is just perfect.


  2. I never had good fish curry. I know it’s out there and a speciality in Goa for example but i’ve just not been fortunate enough to find it. You’ll have to point the way!


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