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Top 5 Most Memorable Meals

I was asked recently by a fellow blogger to think of the top 5 most memorable meals I’ve had in my life. Must admit, it’s a toughie, not because I’ve only eaten out a few times (far from it !) but because it’s hard to think of that unique combination of place, who you were with, occasion, location, music, food etc etc. This is not just about having really good food, but that blend of all the things that come together perfectly all at once. Could be a Michelin star restaurant, or fish and chips on Brighton Pier. Either way, there’ll be something that you just remember because it was so perfect at the time.

I ended up thinking of only three that truly stick out in my mind, but I’m sure after I’ve posted this I’ll think of others. Thanks to Mairead for offering up such a challenge !! Anyway, here goes:

1. Oceana, New York. This was our first wedding anniversary and it was during the time that I had a brief spell living in New York. My wife was still working full time so came over for the long weekend. I remember referring to Zagats to find the best seafood restaurant in the whole of Manhattan and we were certainly not disappointed. Absolutely superb.

2. Brown’s, London. Our first long (very long) lunch together and also our first proper date. Took the whole afternoon and I remember everything about it : what we were both wearing, what we ate, even down to remembering the pianist on the grand piano. The start of something life-changing !!

3. XXX, Milan. Can’t remember the name of the restaurant (it’s opposite Prada just near La Duomo) but we were in Milan for my 30th birthday. My wife was pregnant at the time which meant she wasn’t able to enjoy the fine wine (a Pommard if memory serves me correctly). But I just remember thinking how traditional the whole thing was. Copious amounts of waiters in starched suits and waistcoats tending to your every need. And the most incredible food imaginable. Every bit as good as any Michelin starred restaurant I’ve been to.

So, what’s yours ?


Has the world gone diet mad ?

It may come as no surprise that upon returning from the US, I have the distinct sensation that I’ve swallowed a small anvil. Portion sizes in the land of the free clearly don’t get any smaller and the proliferation of red meat is staggering. So, I’ve decided that for the next few weeks I shall eat a little healthier, a little less and return my body to the temple it was for the majority of last year. (Stop sniggering at the back.) No, this doesn’t mean I’ll spend all day eating rabbit food, just a little bit of enforced moderation.

This being lazy Sunday I decided to look up some new recipe ideas on t’internet. It’s amazing that as soon as you put the word “healthy” into any search you are absolutely bombarded by every type of diet imaginable. Some I’d obviously heard of – Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc – but have you ever heard of the “Prison Loaf diet” ? Or the “Hospital diet ?” (dread to think). The list goes on. See if you’ve heard of any of these:

  • Cookie diet
  • Daylight diet
  • Edenic diet
  • Grapefruit diet
  • Israeli Army diet
  • Liquid-only diet

and the best of all

  • the Negative calorie diet (lots of throwing up I presume)

I reckon I counted well over 100 weird and wonderful ways to supposedly lose weight. In my view, they’re all totally unnecessary. It’s a simple equation : if calories burned > calories consumed, you lose weight. The other way around, you gain weight. That’s it. So eat less, exercise more.

Perhaps I’ll come up with a name for it : the Duh-It’s-Not-Rocket-Science Diet.