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The Food Diary of a Weekend sans Femme

Mum is away for the weekend so Dad has to step up a few gears to keep the kids a) interested, b) occupied, and c) from turning into couch potatoes. I figure they’re more likely to want to eat foot they’ve cooked themselves and it also meets objectives A to C above.

Lunchtime Saturday : Spicy lamb fajitas. Great assistance from my youngest daughter / sous chef. Still need to work on her knife skills – the red peppers looked a bit like they’d been hacked by a rogue spoon. A bit over-zealous with the spice too, causing my eldest daughter’s eyes to water. Still, lots eaten – can’t complain.

Teatime Saturday : Homemade tomato ketchup and chicken goujons. Again, great assistance from my youngest daughter, my eldest having deserted me for her best mate. Typical !! I’m sure most of the breadcrumbs ended up on L and on the floor but there’s sufficient coating on the chicken I reckon. Ketchup was a breeze – you should try it – although not sure about putting the Tabasco in. Macdonalds-style food but healthy and done the AJ-way. Genius.

IMG_0098.jpg IMG_0100.jpg

…and went down a treat !!!

Sunday breakfast : Dry-cured bacon on toasted bagels. Not much help this morning but, on the whole, went down very well. As I was cooking I was thinking about that awful bacon you get from supermarkets that leaks white milky stuff. Yeugghh !! None of that with this Gloucester Old Spot. Next stop, full traditional British roast for lunch.

Sunday lunch : the works. There’s one thing I could practically do with my eyes shut – cook a roast lunch. This time it’s chicken, along with all the usual trimmings. Sous chefs were more willing today, although a bit more practice needed on the peeling and chopping front. Still, no major blood-spilling so all good. Chicken carcass, left-over gravy and various other bits and pieces now simmering for stock. Perfect.